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Mark Tull

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I hate writing these, but you have to do it these days to get found.  If you want new clients, particularly when they have heard your name, then they will search for Mark Tull and you really have to make sure you cover the page.

mark-tullTo that end, you need to write a few profiles and have Mark Tull in them a few times. This is not keyword stuffing, its effective writing to the person who placed the search term in.  You know where they come from, (search) you know what they typed (Mark Tull) and then you know that the relevancy of the page has an easy read and use the definitive term their mind is after.  It actually gets ignored with the repetition I find from my own search and reading.  The positives in the subliminal though, is very strong and I find, reinforces the positives in the results on page.

It is always beneficial to include Google Plus authorship of all your work and submissions on any site wherever you can, after all your name is your brand and your actions build or deflate it.  The internet seems to thrive on the negative, so its important to build your positive, because, as most know, the last bloke who was perfect was crucified, dead and buried.  The rest of us have no chance to be “perfect”.  However back to me, Mark Tull search, particularly on pages from Australia only is very important, so it is well worthwhile to have you own your own page on google.

To this end, it is vital to offer not puffery or self acclaim, but offer some valuable insight and attribute it to the name you are trying to promote or protect.  In this case it is guess who?  Yep, Mark Tull  Read more about this bloke at…