Dual Occupancy Builders Logan

On Search Engines, there are a number of dual occupancy builders Logan in the marketplace.

The dual occupancy product has only been a popular option over the past few years, and as such it is best to deal with the dual occupancy builders Logan who have had experience with the product.
Double Income have dealt with numerous dual occupancy builders over the past number of years, and have been able to narrow down the companies whom we deal with based on their previous performance and experience.
Important Questions To Ask Dual Occupancy Builders in Logan
When looking at and selecting dual occupancy builders Logan, there are a number of important considerations that you should take in account:
Do the dual occupancy builders have enough experience and a solid track record in building dual occupancy properties?
If they don’t have experience, have they built duplexes?
Are they knowledgeable with the Council rules and regulations for the area in which the dual occupancy being built?
Have the plans which they are selling been built before, or have they built a similar product?
Are they able to accurately gauge the pricing for the construction of the property?
Is the quoted build time-frame accurate?
Does their design take into account Council Rules as well as any estate specific covenant approvals?
Are the fixtures, fittings and inclusions levels appropriate for the property?
Is the builder offering a turn-key solution, or are there additional costs that could arise?
Is the builder providing a “fixed price” contract?
There are just a few questions which need to be answered when looking at dual occupancy builders in Logan. There are also many more, which Double Income would be happy to discuss with you if you’re interested in engaging dual occupancy builders for your investment.
Double Income have narrowed down our builders whom they have dealt with over a number of years and are able to vouch for the quality and pricing of their products. For further information on dual occupancy builders or other investment property opportunities, please visit https://doubleincome.com.au/dual-occupancy-builders-logan/

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