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Looking to Buy Accor Vacation Club Membership How do you find out more about Holiday Ownership in Australia.

There is a myriad of information available to enable a potential member looking to buy Accor Vacation Club Membership to make an informed and reasonable decision on a purchase.  Long gone is the brochure containing all that you had to base a decision on becoming a member of AVC.  With the internet, and the industry associations thereon, social media and bulletin boards with lots of opinions, you can readily find what you need to know. In Australia we see a wealth of information about the Timeshare Industry in general. ATHOC (the industry body council) offers just the start on facts and stats on Timeshare Ownership, of which Accor Vacation Club is a praticipant.

Over 70% of Australian timeshare owners (or approximately 120,000 of the 170,000 total owners) had a holiday, short break or trip away for leisure at a timeshare resort in Australia in 2012. This represents an approximate increase in the number of owners going on holiday using their timeshare of approximately 17% compared to 2009.

By comparison, total domestic overnight and international visitation to Australia increased by approximately half that of the timeshare industry (9%) between 2008-09 and 2011-12 (Tourism Forecasting Committee, 2012).

There were a total of 91 timeshare resorts in Australia in December 2012, with 2,683 timeshare units, predominantly located in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Around 55% of the units are 2-bedroom units, with 27% 1-bedroom units.

There were approximately 966,400 nights available at timeshare units in Australia in 2012, of which 873,890 nights were occupied, equating to an occupancy rate of 90.4%. This represented an increase in occupancy from 86.5% in 2009 (AECgroup, 2010).

There were an estimated 1,844 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees of timeshare sales, marketing, exchange and resort companies in Australia in 2012. These employees were paid an estimated $118.3 million in wages, salaries and commissions in 2012.

So, if you are considering to enter the market in Timeshare with AVC, then turn to the internet.  There is a wealth of true, correct and accurate information to help you.

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