Nev Hyman

The other side of the Nev Hyman story – when the media attacks, how do you defend yourself?

We have been watching the Nev Hyman story as it has developed online.  The growing trend of social and search media to instantly affect a persons long term creds is fast becoming a very murky battlefield.

In the olden days, an unfavorable TV report or Radio News Report were noticed, but, a single piece by a journalist often went forgotten based on the time lapse prominence of the story. Now, however, things have changed, just like the Nev Hyman story.

Nev Hyman is a long term, quiet achiever from our research, and a very damming article has caused this very established surfboard rider and manufacturer, who has become a humanitarian via his NevHouse enterprise, to reassess his online presence to combat a single story.

Interestingly enough, a number of media companies not associated with the original “investigation” of Nev Hyman and his charity, have created supportive and even contradictory stories based on interviews with Nev.

As Nev Hyman said in a recent interview on Beach Grit, This is not a crush-and-burn story. There’s no one chasing me down the road with a microphone asking where the money has gone. Every cent is accounted for.” 

This battle for reputation, and being able to counter a single piece ranking under a search for your name, endangers everyone.  As there is no “rebuttal” process on search outside of competitive rankings for other opinions, reputation protection takes time, effort and money to try to ensure negative opinions, and long term “damage”.

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