Pet Supplies

Pet Supplies

Pet Supplies Online – Australia’s Pet Care Shop

Pet Care Shop is one of the top 10 online Pet supplies retailers in Australia. They already had sourced the very best SEO company in Australia to grow their online business, and they also needed a specialist Adwords manager to ensure theirĀ  pay per click Internet marketing campaign was under control as part of their Pet Supplies program.

Pet SuppliesAfter using other providers for their Pet Supplies Internet Marketing, Petcare Shop was introduced to Website Essentials and their associated company, Clicks and Clicks. We immediately took over the existing Google Adwords account and within a few weeks, had grown their keyword list to more than 20 times its original structure.

With highly researched, and Google 2011 compliant campaigns, we set about getting far more search than they ever believed possible. People in Australia search for far more than just the general, pet supplies online, or vet products or vet supplies. With highly targeted and precise keywords such as advocate for dogs, revolution for dogs, frontline plus for cats and frontline plus for dogs, we immediately were able to prove the volume of search for these terms in different States in Australia, and were able to target exact positions and returns on investment. This was based on advanced bid management, highly relevant ads and full goal and conversion tracking to give them superior Pet Supplies Internet Marketing.

Then, working hand in hand with their expert SEO provider, we started on the complex task of minimising pay per click expenses on terms that were performing organically, such as advantix for dogs, comfortis dogs, pet supplies and many more.

This coordinated approach in Pet Supplies Internet Marketing is seldom found in Australia. Many SEO providers simply ignore the power of Adwords, and of course many Adwords Managers refuse to acknowledge the power of seo for high volume, high cost keywords.

Pet Care Shop have the power of both, in a strategically coordinated attack on front page rankings, and their sales have already grown, cost per sale is down, and most importantly, they know exactly the value of every visitor, not just a generalisation as they had before, with a polluted campaign.

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