About Rik Flowerday

About Rik Flowerday

Investment Property Advisor – Rik Flowerday

Rik Flowerday has a long history in investment property.  Unlike others, Rik Flowerday is self taught and is successful in his own right, becoming an ower of an investment property at just 21 years of age and growing his investment properties to 12 in the next 9 years.  No mean feat.

There are many investment property advisors out there, and very very few that have actually taken what they preach and do it themselves. Rik Flowerday has practiced what he preaches.

Rik Flowerday says there are several benefits to investing in House and Land packages, particularly in Queensland:

These include:

  • Investors are only required to pay stamp duty on the land not the building, which is an upfront saving of thousands of dollars
  • New houses do not carry the same maintenance requirements as older properties
  • New properties also attract greater depreciation allowances – tax losses, which in turn can raise the yield of the investment
  • When built by a HIA builder, any structural problems that arise in the first 6 years are covered by a builders warranty
  • House and land packages inherently come with their own parcel of land – which will appreciate in value over time, as the building depreciates
  • They are typically are not governed by a Body Corp
  • Building a well designed and competitively priced house can show a lift in valuation purely through the build process

” However, you really must consider all the factors that impact on your decision ” says Rik Flowerday.

” When assessing an area for its potential investment performance. From a macro viewpoint we look at a number of indicators, including the economic drivers in an area, any government and infrastructure spending, predicted population growth, employment and vacancy rates, sales activity and historical performance. From a micro perspective it is important to evaluate factors such as proximity to schools, shops, transport and other similar facilities.”

Rik Flowerday further states that ” properties close to universities can rent for an additional $100 a week if furnished; in other areas  a house design with a separate, self contained 2 bedroom apartment is popular with extended families and can generate an additional $150 a week in rent.”

It is these insights and his past knowledge that allows Rik to be a stand out in the investment property industry.  His website had to be a stand out too, and of course it had to be found on front page of google.

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