Gold Coast Pest Inspections

Gold Coast Pest Inspections

Premier Building Reports – Gold Coast Pest Inspections

PB Reports are an old client whom we have helped in the past.  A great new website for their Gold Coast Pest Inspections business was the first step some years ago.  Then we assisted them with their rankings and advertising and trained them up and they decided to diy.

gold-coast-pest-inspectionsAfter a year or so, and the continued competition on search engines for their main term that brings them the core of their work, for example Gold Coast pest inspections, they decided they were at the stage to reappoint a professional to assist them with this facet of the business.  They decided to again use Website Essentials for their online marketing manager.

In the year or so away, particularly for volume terms like Gold Coast pest inspections, there had been both a large increase in competitors moving to paid Google ads, and a number of culls of organic and places rankings, via numerous revisions of the search listing algorithm.  These factors meant a lot of work to claw back both their bids and their organics.

Luckily the initial good work on the site was still intact, and of course, the cms was the right one for the job.  With this, it was pretty much pick up where we left off.  In the first month, via our 24 hour online reporting software, we could see immediate improvements and then it was a methodical approach, one keyword at a time.  We look forward to the challenge of getting Premier Building Reports back up to the front page and beyond on search terms like, you guessed it..  Gold Coast Pest Inspections and many, many more.

Call back soon to see how we went.  Oh I forgot to mention Google Plus, but that really is another article in the near future..


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